Council of Engineers Thailand



The Council of Engineers Thailand (COET) is a statutory body under the Engineer Act, B.E. 2542 (1999). The professional engineering services in Thailand are regulated and controlled under the Act which is the central regulatory body for engineering services in Thailand.


The Council of Engineers Thailand' obligation is to safeguard life, property and welfare of the public by setting high standard for registering and regulating professional engineers.


According to the Engineer Act, B.E. 2542, the Council of Engineers Thailand has the following objectives:
  1. to promote the study, research and practice of the engineering profession;
  2. to promote the unity among Members and conciliation of dispute among them;
  3. to promote the welfare and maintain the honor of members;
  4. to supervise the conduct and practice of the Regulated Engineering Profession Practitioners in compliance with the standard and the Code of Ethics of the Engineering Profession;
  5. to render assistance, suggestions and services to the general public and other organizations respecting technical matters concerning science and engineering technology;
  6. to give advice or proposal concerning the policy and problems in engineering and technology to the Government;
  7. to act as the representative of the engineering profession practitioners of the Kingdom of Thailand;
  8. to perform other duties as specified in the ministerial regulations


According to the Engineer Act, B.E. 2542, the Council of Engineers Thailand has the following power and duty
  1. to issue license to applicants for the Regulated Engineering Profession;
  2. to suspend or revoke the license;
  3. to certify the degree, diploma or certificate required for practising the Regulated Engineering Profession;
  4. to certify knowledge and experience of a person practicing the Regulated Engineering Profession;
  5. to propose to the Minister the addition or the removal of fields in the Regulated Engineering Professions;
  6. to issue the regulations of the Council of Engineers Thailand concerning
    • determination of prohibited characteristics of an ordinary member who is not being a person of unsound mind, a seriously handicapped person or being afflicted with a disease specified in the regulations of the Council of Engineers Thailand;
    • admission of Members, the rates of registration fees, membership fees and other fees from a Member or a non-member;
    • appointment and election of the Council Board Members under the election of Council Board Members;
    • the issuance of license, the term, the suspension and the revocation of the same, and the certification of knowledge and experience in the practice of Regulated Engineering Professions;
    • the qualifications, terms and the termination of office of the inspectors shall be as specified in the regulations of the Council of Engineers Thailand;
    • the regulations relating to the application for license in any level of engineering profession and the qualifications of such applicants under classifying in this Act;
    • the qualifications and the prohibited characteristics of the applicants for the license under the regulations of Council of Engineers Thailand;
    • the code of ethics of the engineering profession and violation of the code in such a manner that disgraces the engineering profession;
    • the standard in the practice of the Regulated Engineering Profession;
    • the meetings of the general assembly of the Council of Engineers Thailand;
    • any other matters specified in this Act