Council of Engineers


Thailand Accreditation Board of Engineering Education (TABEE) was officially established on April 8th, 2015, with approval of the COE general assembly. This outcome based program accreditation shall run in apparel with the prescriptive based degree recognition for regulated engineering disciplines (known as Tier 1). The outcome based accreditation is operated by TABEE subcommittee within the COE for initially bachelor degree level of all engineering educational programs, including both regulated and non-regulated engineering program disciplines (known as Tier 2). Regulated engineering program graduates from TABEE accredited program sequentially shall be qualifiedto take examinations and to take professional readiness training courses for application of regulated engineering professional license under the amended COE regulation on degree recognition for professional licensing. TABEE is voluntarily operation using rules and procedure for accreditation of engineering education announced by COE. During this transition period of two apparel accreditation systems, an institution which offers the regulated engineering degree programs is allowed to choose either Tier 1 or Tier 2 for degree recognition for engineering program. Graduate of the recognized engineering degree program either from Tier 1 or Tier 2 are eligible to take academic proficiency examination and professional readiness training for application of regulated engineering professional license.

The TABEE subcommittee during 2015 -2018 session are listed below.
No Name Organization Position
1 Mr. Sarithdej Pathansethpong COE Board Member Chair
2 Dr. Tatchai Sumitra Former President of Chulalongkorn University Advisor to Subcommittee
3 Dr. Ekasit Limsuwan Former COE General Secretary Advisor to Subcommittee
4 Dr. Karoon Chandharangsu Former COE Vice President Advisor to Subcommittee
5 Dr. Amorn Pimanmas COE General Secretary Advisor to Subcommittee
6 Dr. Kraiwood Kiattikomol COE Board Member, Former President of KMUT, Thonburi Advisor to Subcommittee
7 Dr. Methi Wecharatana New Jersey Institute of Technology Advisor to Subcommittee
8 Dr. Komsant Maleesee (2015-2016) President, Council of Engineering Deans of Thailand Advisor to Subcommittee
Dr. Sarintip Tantanee (2017-2018)
Representative from Council of Engineering Deans of Thailand
9 Mr. Bovorn Vongsinudom Vice President, Industrial Federation of Thailand Advisor to Subcommittee
10 Dr. Quanchai Leepowpanth COE Professional Ethics Commiittee Subcommittee
11 Dr. Somsak Chaiyapinunt Chulalongkorn University Subcommittee
12 Mr. Damrong Thawesaengskulthai COE Board Member, Chair of CPD Subcommittee Subcommittee
13 Mr. Pichit Lumyong COE Board Member, KMIT Lad Krabang Subcommittee
14 Dr. Piyabutr Wanichpongpan COE Board Member, KMIT, Thonburi, Bangkok Subcommittee
15 Dr. Anantawat Kunakorn Former Vice President of KMIT, Lad Krabang Subcommittee
16 Dr. Taptim Angkaew Chulalongkorn University Subcommittee
17 Dr. Jirawat Chewaroungroaj Chulalongkorn University Subcommittee