Terms and Conditions for the Council of Engineers Thailand ’ website service

General Provisions

When the user visits our website, she or he is regarded as one of the users who accepts to access our website service under the Council of Engineers’ specified terms and conditions. This website has been created to serve public service and facilitate to those people who require only the information and general references. The users are able to use, print or download the documents which appear on the website. Please comply with the specified terms and conditions, also include other particular restrictions which may be defined to any contents on that particular page.

Reservations and Restrictions

The information which appears on this website has been made from the reliable resources. However, the Council of Engineers does not certify and guarantee that the instructions, articles or information on this website are overall verified correctively, completely or inclusively without defects or mistakes. The Council of Engineers may change or improve the information any time without informing the users in advance. Therefore, this website service will not be the right, indemnity or bound regulations whatsoever between the Council of Engineers, information resources and users.

Website connection to the third person (reference)’s websites

The website connection to the third person’s websites (other referred websites) is solely to facilitate the users. The Council of Engineers does not involve to any attributions with the third person’s websites and the Council of Engineers will not be responsible to any contents which appear on those websites or any damages while visiting those websites.