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               Computer Programming  
               Engineering Drawings  
               Engineering Materials  
               Engineering Mechanic Static  
                            CE62 Water Supply Engineering and Design  
                            วิชา Construction Management  
                            วิชา Environmental Systems and Management  
                            วิชา Highway Engineering  
                            วิชา Hydraulic Engineering  
                            วิชา Photogrammetry  
                            วิชา Reinforced Concrete Design  
                            วิชา Route Surveying  
                            วิชา Soil Mechanics  
                            วิชา Structural Analysis  
                            วิชา Surveying  
                            วิชา Theory of Structures  
                            วิชา Timber and Steel Design  
                            วิชา Water Supply and Sanitary Engineering  
                             Agricultural Machinery Design  
                             Air Conditioning  
                             Aircraft Design  
                             Aircraft Power Plant  
                             Automatic Control  
                             Automotive Control  
                             Digital Control  
                             Dynamics of Vehicles  
                             Fluid Power Control  
                             Heat Transfer  
                             Internal Combustion Engines  
                             Machine Design Mechanical Design  
                             Mechanical Vibration Vibration Control  
                             Mechanics of Flight  
                             Mechanics of Machinery Dynamics of Machines Theory of Mach  
                             Power for Agricultural Systems  
                             Power Plant Engineering  
                             Refrigeration Freezing Cold Storage  
                             Ship Design  
                             Ship Dynamics  
                             Ship Propulsion and Engines  
                             Theory of Agricultural Machines  
                             Thermal System Design  
                สาขาไฟฟ้า แขนงไฟฟ้ากำลัง  
                            Electric Power System Analysis  
                             Electrical Machines  
                             Electrical Instruments and Measurements  
                             Electrical System Design  
                             High Voltage Engineering  
                             Power Electronics  
                             Power Plant and Substation  
                             Protection and Relay  
                สาขาไฟฟ้า แขนงไฟฟ้าสื่อสาร  
                             Antenna Engineering  
                             Communication Network and Transmission  
                             Data Communication and Network  
                             Digital Communication  
                             Microwave Engineering  
                             Optical Communication  
                             Radio-Wave Propagation  
                            Engineering Economy  
                             Industrial Plant Design  
                             Industrial Work Study  
                             Maintenance Engineering  
                             Quality Control  
                             Safety Engineering  
                             Industrial Work Study  
                             Operations Research  
                             Production Planning and Control  
                            Surface Mining and Mine Design  
                             Chemical Metallurgy  
                             Chemistry for Materials  
                             Corrosion of Metals  
                             Failure analysis  
                             Materials Characterization  
                             Mechanical Behaviour of Materials  
                             Metal Forming  
                             Metallurgy of Metal Joining  
                             Mine Economics  
                             Mine Planning and Design  
                             Mineral Processing I  
                             Mineral Processing II  
                             Physical Metallurgy  
                             Underground Mining and Mine Design  
                             Solid Waste Engineering  
                             Air Pollution Control and Design  
                             Building Sanitation and Design of Sewerage  
                             Environmental System and Management  
                             Environmental Health Safety and Law  
                             Environmental Impact Assessment  
                             Environmental Unit Operation and Environmental Unit Processe  
                             Hazardous Waste Engineering  
                             Noise and Vibration control  
                             Solid Waste Engineering  
                             Wastewater Engineering, Design, Industrial Water Pollution, and Advanced Treatment  
                             Water Supply Engineering  
                            Chemical Engineering Kinetics and Reactor Design  
                            Chemical Engineering Principles and Calculations  
                            Process Dynamics and Control  
                            Unit Operations I  
                            Unit Operations II  
                            Unit Operations III  
                            Chemical Engineering Plant Design I  
                            Chemical Engineering Plant Design II  
                            Safety in Chemical Operations  
                            Environmental Chemical Engineering  
                            Engineering Economy  
                            Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics  
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